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Two Lincoln Homes Showing Political Support Vandalized With Spray Paint

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Lincoln police are searching for whoever defaced two suburban homes with hateful messages, including a swastika.

The homes, located several miles away from each other, were hit the same night. Both had political signs displayed out front.

On Yosemite Lane, a home displaying a Joe Biden lawn sign was defaced with a swastika spray-painted on the garage door and the word 'move' painted on the driveway.

Several miles away on Ashwood Way, a home displaying a 'Thin Blue Line' flag was defaced with the words 'Black Lives Matter,' 'ACAB,' and 'Love is Love,' spray-painted on the garage.

Doug and Mary Brown live across the street from the home vandalized with the swastika.

"It's just a symbol of hate," Doug Brown said. "Everybody in the neighborhood is kind of rallying, getting together, and we're just disgusted."

Lincoln Police Chief Doug Lee says it's been a decade since his department has investigated these types of residential vandalism cases. Suddenly there are two in one night. As of now, the acts do not meet the strict criteria of hate crime status, because the victims were likely targeted for their political support, not their religion or race, or sexual orientation

"We would certainly ask the district attorney to file the additional enhancements if in fact it was a hate crime," Chief Lee said.

Two homes showing political support. Each turned into a target for criminals, forcing people in Lincoln to be on the lookout.

"I think people will probably be a little more vigilant about seeing what's going on," Lincoln resident Ron Childres said.

Lincoln police are asking for surveillance video anyone might have, to help them catch the vandals in actions.

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