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Family Of 7 Sent Hateful Letter Saying They're Not Welcome In Their Neighborhood

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — A family of seven being told they're not welcome in their own neighborhood.

"Every time I hear a ding it's like oh who's there? Oh, who's there? Or wherever we go maybe it's you. Maybe it's you. It's very unsettling," Sandy Yu said.

An anonymous letter was left for a family of seven, telling them they need to leave their Vacaville neighborhood, saying "your interracial family is not welcome here" and "this is not the ghetto."

"That's not okay. Especially now. It never should have been okay. I just can't believe that happened. I really can't," one resident said.

The letter goes on to say, you "cannot possibly afford a home in our area".

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Enraged to find the letter in his mailbox, Marc Yu posted it on his Facebook page.

"I figured somebody's friend, cousin, mother, uncle, sister, whatever is going to end up getting to this person," Marc Yu said.

The letter has been shared hundreds of times. Some people are coming to their defense, but others are accusing the couple of writing the letter themselves.

"There's no way they made it up. They seem like nice people," one resident said.

"We have nothing to gain from it and we have just about everything to lose. So I don't know who would put themselves in that situation," Sandy Yu said.

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The attention is getting to be so intense, the family says they don't want their children going outside.

"The kids didn't even go to school today," Marc Yu said.

The letter warns the family to leave the neighborhood within in 60 days, or their landlord will be called, saying "the clock is ticking"

Well, the clock might be ticking, but the landlord isn't going to kick the family out.

"This person is a complete idiot. We own our house so I'm not going anywhere," Marc Yu said.

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