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Coronavirus Could Indirectly Lead To Increased Dog Bites For Letter Carriers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - While Americans are being careful to create distance between each other to stop the spread of coronavirus, the United States Postal Service is reminding people to socially distance their dogs from letter carriers.

With more children at home during school closures, incidents of dog attacks on postal carriers have a tendency to increase,  the United States Postal Service says. When kids rush out the door to see a mail, a household dog often follows behind, leaving the carrier vulnerable to a dog attack.

Pet owners are asked to wait for the carrier to leave before opening the door to get their mail or package. Dogs can slip between an owner's legs while the door is open and attacking the carrier.

The USPS recommends restraining dogs as mail carriers make personal deliveries.

Despite being a government entity, the USPS is financially self-sufficient.

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