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Lawyer Allegedly Caught During Sexual Encounter With Jailed Inmate Fires Back

STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) - A local lawyer is banned from visiting her clients in jail after she was allegedly caught engaging in a sexual act with an inmate.

They are scandalous allegations about what happened inside a Stanislaus County jail, but the stories between the accused and the accusers are far different.

Defense attorney Amber Lunsford is no stranger to the law. Now she's defending herself after the Stanislaus County Sheriff says she was caught having sexual relations with one her clients in jail.

A deputy alleges he saw Lunsford sitting on an inmate's lap with her hand down his jumpsuit and his hand up her skirt while she was meeting with him regarding a pending case.

"We believe that there's been a false police report prepared, we have not seen the police report so we don't know what lies have been told," said Lunsford's attorney, Mary Lynn Belsher

That's Lunsford's attorney, Mary Lynn Belsher, spoke to CBS13 over the phone and denied the allegations.

"There was nothing that happened between Amber Lunsford and her client," said Belsher. "Her client wants her to continue with her representation."

Belsher says the sheriff's department is trying to make her client look bad because Lunsford filed a court order against the department involving recently implemented jail restrictions that she says violates her client's rights.

"It had to do with deprivation of health care, deprivation of proper writing utensils like paper and pencils for the inmates and the fact the inmates were being denied the opportunity to have access to their discovery delivered by the attorney so they could prepare and know what was going on in their cases," said Belsher.

The sheriff's department has now revoked Lunsford's access to any of her clients at the jail.

"I think they are trying to gain an unfair advantage in court by disparaging her reputation before the court," said Belsher.

We reached out to the sheriff's department for comment, but didn't receive a response.

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