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Coronavirus Miracle? 90-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Beats Deadly Virus

LATHROP (CBS13) — The family of a 90-year-old Lathrop man who tested positive for coronavirus says he beat the virus.

"God healed him, brother. For all my dad's health — my dad should not be alive", says Hector Lopez, the coronavirus victim's son.

Hector is calling it a miracle after what was believed to be a final visit with his dad in the hospital.

Pastor Jose, who's known to his family as Papi, has overcome a lot of hurdles in life from lung cancer to diabetes to even losing his wife of 70 years last year. But nothing more aggressive than the coronavirus, which hit him two weeks ago.

"I drove to my dad's house to say goodbye to my dad," Hector said.

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His family didn't tell him he had the virus since Jose worries too much. A couple of days after hospitalization and testing positive, Jose's doctors said his health turned around and the virus began to vanish.

"The next day I called him he was better, then the next day I called even better, now it's day 14 and my dad has fully recovered," he said.

Pastor Jose has been deemed healthy by doctors and now says he's looking forward to returning to the church.

"He beat it, he beat it, he beat cancer, he beat this," Hector said.

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