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Lathrop neighbors pick up the pieces after BB gun vandalism, felony charges could come down

Police investigate string of BB gun vandalism in Lathrop
Police investigate string of BB gun vandalism in Lathrop 02:49

LATHROP — In what has been an ongoing issue for months now, Lathrop police say a person or people have been driving around with a BB or pellet gun, shooting at seemingly random cars throughout the city.

The latest attacks are coming this week, with some reported as early as Tuesday night.

Many residents are now left to clean up the broken glass or pay their insurance to get the damage repaired.

Crystal Drive was the latest spot where the suspect(s) drove through and fired their BB gun at parked cars. Windows have been shattered to pieces on at least a handful of cars.

lathrop bb gun vandalism damage
CBS Sacramento

Now, whoever did this, if they are caught, could face felony charges.

Security cameras captured a truck going through Crystal Drive, and after they're gone, car owners like Delano Velasquez are left literally picking up the pieces.

"Yeah, it sucks," said Velasquez. "The mess, the cost, and then the time to get it repaired."

His Cadillac Escalade was hit not once, not twice, but three times. He'll take it to a car shop soon, but it's still at least $100 out of his pocket.

"It seems to happen more often lately than before," he said.

lathrop bb gun car damage
CBS Sacramento

We went to speak with Lathrop Police who could not confirm that the truck in the video is related to the vandalism, but say they have seen the uptick in reports.

"It's been sort of sporadic, specifically in the last week around seven or eight," said Lathrop Police Captain Tracie Shea.

Shea said this vandalism has been going on since at least September 2023. Half of the BB gun vandalism reports have been reported to police this week alone.

Neighbors like Paul Manley have noticed, too. His grandson's car was hit the same night as Velasquez's.

"If he gets caught, depending on his age, parents get involved if he's a young enough guy. Make a lot of problems for his parents," Manley said.

lathrop bb gun car damage
CBS Sacramento

Capt. Shea said that if those responsible are caught, "We'll be bringing this to the District Attorney asking them to look at it kind of as a package deal, so the person could be facing felony charges."

Police confirmed Crystal Drive isn't the only neighborhood that has been hit.

They have a detective unit assigned to the case and say that if you have surveillance video, or know who did this, come forward and call Lathrop police at (209) 647-6400.

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