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Oddsmakers Give Sacramento Kings A Good Shot At Signing LeBron James In 2024

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Could LeBron James make the Sacramento Kings his next home team?

Incredibly, the best basketball player in the world could land here, according to people who make betting odds on these things.

Oddsmaker Adam Thompson makes odds for He lists Sacramento as having 12-to-1 odds to land Lebron, the second-best chance in the NBA.

The speculation on LeBron James' next move comes after he announced that he wants to play on whatever team drafts his son Bronny James in 2024.

"LeBron James, when he came out and said 'I'm playing with my son, I don't care what it takes,' imagine the [general managers] out there salivating, the fans out there salivating," Thompson said.

James brought an NBA title to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020

James in a Kings jersey in 2024 would be an unusual sight.

"He is no doubt the most famous basketball player in the world, let alone NBA player to ever be a Sacramento King," KFBK Sports Anchor Keith Jouganatis said.

Jouganatis says it's hard to imagine James calling Sacramento home.

"I think LeBron James has enough cash that he would probably fly into games," Jouganatis said. "That being said, it's just really hard. I can't see a guy like LeBron James living in Natomas."

June Hudspeth had been a season ticket holder for three decades and says she does not want "King" James on the Kings.

"I want somebody that wants to be here for the team, to make the team better," Hudspeth said. "I think that's why I like Sabonis."

James is a global superstar looking to play on a new team with his son.

"I think they could still be a lottery team around that time," Thompson said.

Suddenly, Sacramento is an odds-on favorite.

James played the very first game of his NBA career in Sacramento in 2003 at the former-Arco Arena. He scored 25 points and his then Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Sacramento Kings.

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