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Kings Fans Say They're Fed Up With Cousins' Anger Issues

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - DeMarcus Cousins' anger issues during games are an act that's getting old with some fans. Some are calling for the Kings center to be benched permanently or at least until he admits he might have an anger problem.

For every slam and every put back, Cousins has a setback. The 22-year-old Kings center has 12 technical fouls -- second in the league , and four ejections, which makes him top in that category.

Most recently, he was ejected during Sunday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks for elbowing forward Mike Dunleavy in the head. It cost the Kings big during a rally.

For many, Cousins' act is getting old.

"I think that his teammates are tired of him. The coaching staff is tired of him, in my opinion. The fans are tired of him, and flat out, the guy has some issues," said Kings' announcer Grant Napear.

There was no argument from fans.

"He doesn't get the fact that he doesn't know how to act like a professional," said one fan.

"He's kind of got a crybaby attitude and people are getting tired of it," said another.

You'd expect to hear those comments from some fans fed up with Cousins, but we wanted to see how he is viewed by those who might look up to him.

"He has anger problems," a 12-year-old fan said.

Cousins said he's simply misunderstood, but what's well understood is how he's perceived.

"I think he's got to be better because people want to see him," another teen fan said.

"We look up to him and we don't want to see that in a basketball player, you know, all those temper problems," said another.

They are problems that seem to be seen by everyone else but Cousins.

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