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Two More Kids Kicked Out Of Sacramento Catholic School Tied To Parents' OnlyFans Scandal

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The scandal is expanding involving young kids kicked out of Sacred Heart Parish Catholic school because of their mom's nude videos online.

A total of five kids are no longer enrolled because of ties to the scandal. Two of them are the children of the Sacred Hearts Athletic Director, Richard Levin, who"forcibly resigned" because of his connection to to an online "Only Fans" account.

CBS13 first brought the story of Crystal Jackson, known as "Mrs. Poindexter" online, making big cash selling explicit photos on her OnlyFans account.

crystal jackson instagram
Crystal Jackson and an unnamed model. (credit: Crystal Jackson)

She claims dads in her community are some of her "newest fans" and says her online nude videos generate up to $150,000 a month. Jackson and her husband claim unhappy school moms bullied the school to kick out her three sons, all under the age of 12, over her videos.

"They're just saying mean, bad things about us, about me," said Jackson.

But an unhappy fellow parent who didn't want her name used, tells us Jackson, "Has put us all in the difficult position of having to explain to our young sons and daughters why a mother in their community would choose to become a sex worker and sell her body."

CBS13 asked Crystal and Chris Jackson what they shared with their own boys.

Crystal and Chris Jackson
Crystal and Chris Jackson

"When we sensed the tension in the air and we worried they would overhear something at school at this point, I don't want them surprised  So we told them, 'Your mom's an internet model. They internalized it but then they moved on,'" said Chris Jackson.

The school has not commented on the kids or the termination of Richard Levin, calling it an internal matter.

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