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Ken Doll Cake Orders Flooding Freeport Bakery After Photo Goes Viral

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Overwhelming support is pouring in for a Sacramento bakery after it set off a firestorm of Facebook comments over a picture of a custom cake. Freeport Bakery's Ken Doll cake has garnered national attention and now orders for the cake are coming in fast.

"We've got more coming just for this weekend, it seems like just in the last two or three hours, we've actually got more orders, " says head decorator Carol Clevenger.

Clevenger gave CBS13 a first-hand look at the making of the 9-inch masterpiece: Ken wearing a pink dress, and jewelry made of frosting.


When the bakery first posted a picture on its Facebook page on August 13, some comments were brutal, as many were interpreting the cake as a political statement on the transgender community. But now, it's a clear shift.

"For every negative comment, or email, or text message I get, there are at least 30-45 comments saying we support you from as far as New Zealand and from Canada," says Freeport Bakery owner Marlene Goetzeler.

Orders for the cake have increased significantly. One customer, Aaron Carruthers, says he wasn't going to stand for people attacking his local bakery, so he went ahead and placed his order.

"I don't know what the controversy is. It's a cake! I think it's the perfect expression of our American values," says Carruthers.

From a tiara to earrings and a pearl necklace, it's an unintended statement that Freeport Bakery is now proud to stand by.

As for Carruthers, he's just looking forward to showing Ken off to his guests.

"I have 30 people over, they're all gonna enjoy the cake. I told them we have a special guest, he's been on the news, and I won't tell them who it is. They'll find out when they get there," he said.

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