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Keep it Reel: 'Pacific Rim Uprising'

By Marc Woodfork

They're back, they're bigger, they're louder. And the movie is dumber. Actor John Boyega of  "Star Wars," is a pilot drop out who is the son of the hero who saved the world in the last "Pacific Rim." Boyega is re-recruited to join the new group of world saviors to once again rid the planet of the deadly, monstrous Kaiju.

I really don't have anything good to say about this film. Fans of the first movie, will surely flock to see it, but afterwards they will feel let down by the poor writing, gimmicky one-liners and action sequences that encompasses the worst of the "Transformer" films.

Most sequels rarely impress anyway, but this one really didn't need to be made. It's like leftover Thanksgivingg dinner, four days later. Turkey becomes dry and stale, stuffing is hard and moldy. Nothing is quite as good. The action sequences fail to inspire and excite. Even the CGI and SFX are mundane.

If action Sci-fi is what you're looking for, skip this and cue up Netflix.  Plenty of better options available.

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