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Keep it Reel 'CinemaCon Part I'

by Marc Woodfork


Every year theater owners and exhibitors descend on sin city Las Vegas, to essentially be catered to by the Film industry for four days.  CinemaCon is the largest movie industry convention in the world that is set up specifically to keep people going to the theaters and to attract more people to the theater.

With the rise of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon streaming services and many more on the way, that are keeping audiences at home, it's become more and more important for major studios to continue to keep the theaters full.

All the major studios and some minor studios pull out the red carpet treatment for the convention.  They arrive with big-time A-list actors and never before seen footage of upcoming films.  Not only do the studios "dress to impress", the top companies that focus on the total moviegoing experience also bring their best.  Anything from new innovations in projection and screen to new innovations in the way moviegoers get their concessions and snacks.

Once inside the actual theater,  audiences can expect an entirely new and exciting experience.  One such innovation coming soon is the 4DX, which consists of motion chairs and environmental effects.  This experience is unlike anything ever seen.  Right now, 4DX is available at over 500 locations worldwide with 10 4DX auditoriums in the U.S. and  79 more on the way through a partnership announced with Regal Cinemas.

In addition to the 4DX experience, there is amazing technology called ScreenX.  It's a 270-degree panoramic cinema experience.  Audiences are enveloped with screens on three sides.  Currently ScreenX is available at 142 screens worldwide, with 3 of those in the U.S. and  4 more locations coming to the midwest in partnership with B&B theaters.  ScreenX also announced with Warner Bros. studios that the upcoming films 'Aquaman', 'Shazam!' and 'The Nun' will all be released in the panoramic format.


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