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'Just Really Appreciate It': Family Searches For Good Samaritan Who Stopped Fire

MORADA (CBS13) - A Morada family is searching for a Good Samaritan who stopped a fire from reaching their home and a lot more than he may even realize.

"I jumped up and I ran through the house and through the window, I could see flames as high as I could see," said Glenda Bush.

A heart-stopping moment for Bush, watching flames in her enclosed porch creep higher and closer to her home.  It happened Thursday in Morada when an electric wheelchair caught fire inside an enclosed porch.  A Good Samaritan saw the flames, and without hesitation ran towards them to help.

It all started with an electric wheelchair that now sits charred and melted. It appears something went wrong with the battery, sending the whole thing up in flames.

"This is an older home. It's wood and this is all attic. So if it would have caught fire, I'm guessing it would have quickly spread," Bush told CBS13.

But the quick work of a Good Samaritan stopped everything. The man jumped out of his van with a fire extinguisher and started putting out the flames.

"He hollered, 'do you have a hose?' Because the flames and black smoke were just everywhere and I said, 'yes, right over there,' said Bush. "My neighbors over there come running over hollering, 'is everyone out of the house?' Which they were not."

Little did that man know, he may have saved someone's life. Bush's brother-in-law, an amputee who uses that electric wheelchair, was inside the house, unable to get out.

"My sister ran in trying to get him up and realized she couldn't do it by herself," said Bush.  "He had no idea he could've saved someone's life. I believe without question he saved our home."

All thanks to a total stranger. Glenda even posted the story on Facebook, hoping to find the man some are calling an angel who did his good deed, turned around, and was gone.

"He was literally on his knees right in the middle of all of it without regard for himself. He was taking care of my family and I just really appreciate it," said Bush.

Bush says their angel is a Hispanic man in his 30s who was wearing a reflective vest and driving a white van with red writing on it.
She's just hoping she gets to thank him personally.

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