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Neighbors Frustrated After JUMP Bikes Are Left Chained To Fire Hydrant

SOUTH LAND PARK (CBS13) — People living in one South Land Park neighborhood are upset about a group of JUMP bikes chained to a fire hydrant since the weekend.

The situation has left some questioning if the city regulating JUMP bikes.

Marie Balshor has lived on Theo Way for 64 years. When it comes to popular JUMP bikes, she has a love-hate relationship.

"I think the JUMP bikes serve a purpose as long as they know where to park them," Balshor said.

Over the weekend someone chained several bikes to a fire hydrant near her home. She worried it could impact the fire department in the case of an emergency, and she's not alone.

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Gerry Silva is a retired firefighter who lives a few doors down. He has tried to get the bikes picked up. He said the bike company normally gets them right away, but these bikes stayed put.

Per city ordinance, bikes are to be picked up within a couple hours, but the ordinance also requires they are parked at a bike rack.

"My suggestion is they find out the last rider of it and give them a low fine. Let's start out with a low fine," Silva said.

The City of Sacramento is on the same page with plans to present that idea at their meeting later on this month, along with a proposal for a new fee for operators that will go to the city to create parking.

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"We will go and use heat maps to see where folks are ending their trips and then put the racks there in a data-driven process," said Jennifer Donlon-Wyant, with the City of Sacramento.

The city says that will mean more parking racks ibn Residential areas like South Land Park. City officials are asking the public to report parking problems with JUMP bikes or scooters to 3-1-1.

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