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Former Sacramento Republican Leader Brags About Involvement In Capitol Riot At Recall Newsom Event

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former Sacramento Republican leader charged in the storming of the U.S. Capitol was heard bragging in a new video about his involvement in the riot.

Video captured by the Black Zebra Impact Team shows Jorge Riley attending a "Recall Newsom" rally at the State Capitol over the weekend.

Talking with Jeffery Perrine, Riley said, "I may or may not have rubbed my butt on Nasty Pelosi's desk."

Perrine was expelled from the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee last month for his involvement with the Proud Boys. In the video, Perrine confirmed he is a member of the Proud Boys organization.

Riley went on to talk about the Capitol riot, saying "I was in there and for the most part almost nobody did anything wrong." Perrine agreed, claiming people who breached the Capitol were staying "within the ropes" and were on "a tour without a time."

Watch the full video here.

Riley was arrested on federal charges and then released from a Washington D.C. jail last month. The 41-year-old was arrested after he was caught on video admitting his involvement in the riot. He is facing multiple charges related to the siege.

"We pushed our way to Nancy Pelosi's office and went further and further," he said in the video. Riley talked in detail about the violence. "I got pepper-sprayed three times," he said.

He resigned from the California Republican Assembly following his arrest.

Two other Sacrament-area people are facing charges in connection to the riot on Jan. 6. Colusa County woman Valerie Elaine Ehrke faced a federal judge in Sacramento last month on charges of entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct, and demonstrating inside the U.S. Capitol,  and Rocklin man Tommy Allan is accused of stealing documents from Mitch McConnell's desk and a flag from Nancy Pelosi's office during the Capitol riot.

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