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'It Was Wonderful Jumping Into 1949': Jordane Christie On Paramount+'s 'Why Women Kill'

(CBS Local)-- Need a new show to binge? Season two of "Why Women Kill" is now streaming on ViacomCBS' Paramount+. The series starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu and Kirby Howell-Baptiste is a dark comedic drama that follows three women living in three different decades and how each woman deals with infidelity in her marriage.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith caught up with actor Jordane Christie to discuss his experience on the show, what it was like to play the character Vern and what he learned about 1949.

"You guys are in for a treat for sure," said Christie. "It was wonderful jumping into 1949 and it was a completely different vibe from top to bottom really from the sets to the cars. I had a lot of fun with the cars and I got to learn how to drive stick and manual. I never knew how to drive manual before. I spent a lot of this season cruising. It was a great and very immersive experience."

Christie had four 30 minute lessons to learn how to drive stick for the series. While there are many different layers to this show, the actor found it really fascinating to learn about 1949 where his character Vern's scenes take place in.

"There's no texting and driving when driving stick," said Christie. "I studied a lot of the political elements of the time. In our take and our world, it's pulled a lot from classic film. A big part of my research was taking in the golden era of Hollywood in watching a lot of those old films. We played with the lingo and learned that lingo. The way they speak and a lot of the vocabulary can be dated. It was cool to slip that on. Vern is a juicy character and I had a lot of fun with Vern. He has a troubled background and has been through quite a bit. He's been a little bit hardened by his experiences. He's a veteran and a private investigator and stands for what is right and what is moral. He has thrown himself into his work and you get to see him unravel. He's involved in a lot of the ladies' lives in very pivotal ways."

Stream "Why Women Kill" right now on Paramount+.

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