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Johnny Garlic's Employee Shocked Restaurant Shut Down Three Days After His Hire

ROSEVILLE (CSB13) — A popular restaurant owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri went out of business on Monday, leaving dozens of employees out of work.

Britton Archie was told not to talk to CBS13, but he did anyway.

"I got a phone call that says today's your last day," he said.

He thought he was working on Monday at his new job he started three days ago. Instead the line cook's holding his first and last paycheck.

"No warning at all," he said. "Just walked in and worked a couple days and getting ready to work, and I get a phone call and they tell me no."

His Johnny Garlic's co-workers also picking up their last checks seemed equally surprised. The Arden Way restaurant, one of several owner by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, suddenly shut down. The restaurant was rebranded from a Tex Wasabi's in April of 2013.

"I just got my warning this morning because I was supposed to work tonight. I thought I was going to work tonight," said server Mark Nash.

When we first tried asking why the sudden closure happened, we couldn't get the question out before the door was closed and locked.

Eventually, Bruce Marano, the chief operating officer at Johnny Garlic's emerged, saying the location no longer fits in. With the lease expiring, the chain decided against renewing on the same week it opened a new location in Bakersfield.

"Our real estate site selection has evolved into big box, theaters, things of that nature. This lease coming to an end no longer fits the profile of what we're looking for," he said.

Britton wishes he hadn't turned down other offers for this job that lasted all of three days.

The Roseville Johnny Garlic's location remains open, and Arden Way employees will have the opportunity to transfer there.

But Marano admitted there won't be enough spots for everyone, and one worker told CBS13 the location is about fully staffed.

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