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Job-Matching Website Launches Amid Coronavirus In California

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Lost your job because of the coronavirus? Gov. Gavin Newsom says there is a website that can help.

Now there are more than 100,000 jobs up for grabs. With more than two million Californians out of work, the need for job placement is big.

The governor says the jobs are out there, but since the website, Onward California, launched, only 8% of that unemployed population has logged in to check it out.

CBS13 spoke with William Brown was let go from his job at a waste company three weeks ago. He has no computer and uses a flip phone.  He was surprised to learn about the 100,000 jobs available right now.

"I need to get out there and start finding these jobs," he said.

He showed up at the unemployment office in Sacramento Tuesday but found out it was closed. There was no way to get his questions on unemployment answered.

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"I've learned nothing yet because they're not open, we need someone out here with a desk six feet away answering your questions," Brown said.

His story is just one of more than two million who've lost their job because of the virus.

Jake Soberal with Bitwise Industries launched the program. It works like a matchmaking service, he says more than 150,000 people have logged in since its launch. He can't say how many people have been matched.

"The displaced worker right now disproportionately is coming from restaurants, retail and hospitality. Those skills match straight to industries in surge hiring needs," he said.

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The governor didn't know the answer to how many matches have been made yet. Healthcare, logistics and grocery industries is where the hiring need is now. But, he says this is just one of the options for you out there.

"It's one of many job-matching sites out that are part of the overall strategy: local efforts, county efforts, you've got regional and statewide efforts, all of those being organized," Newsom said.

The website will ask up to 37 questions about your skillset, and where you are and how much you'd ideally like to make. It comes back with grocery programs, financial support and open job postings in your county.

If you're looking for a job, you can check out the website here. 

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