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Proud Boy Member Expelled From Sacramento County GOP

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A member of the Proud Boys has been expelled from the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee.

The committee voted Wednesday in favor of removing Jeffrey Perrine after he refused to resign over his involvement with the Proud Boys.

Micah Grant, the Sacramento County Republican Party Treasurer and a Natomas Unified School District Trustee, made the motion to remove Perrine.

"Mr. Perrine's beliefs, actions, and public statements are woefully out of touch with true conservative values and were a slap in the face to Republicans everywhere who are deeply embedded in their communities. I'm proud the committee took the necessary action to remove this individual," Grant said in a statement.

The committee also formally denounced all groups that call for "hate or violence against government officials, buildings, law enforcement, places of business and worship, or neighborhoods."

More from CBS Sacramento:

Perrine was elected to the Central Committee last March. Because there was an equal number of candidates and seats available, Perrine did not appear on the ballot. He was eligible to take office during a virtual meeting in January but did not attend and was not sworn in, according to a statement.

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