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Could 51-Year-Old Murder Suspect Michael Green Be Tried As A Juvenile?

El Dorado Hills (CBS13) - Quite a legal bombshell in the Jane Hylton murder case where the spotlight sat on Ricky Davis for years as the suspected murderer. New DNA testing allowed him to walk free on Thursday, suddenly turning the spotlight to Michael Green, someone never mentioned as even being at the crime scene.

"Realistically, the court will most likely find that he's not a good candidate to be a member of the juvenile justice system, and he will be tried as an adult," Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Wise said.

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Wise has practiced law for 25 years and was employed as a prosecutor for 10 years. He has handled a wide range of criminal cases, including homicide. CBS13 sat down with Wise for some insight on where the case could go now, considering Green, who's now 51, was only 17 the night Hylton was stabbed to death.

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"There are so many layers to this particular case, factually, not only do you have the DNA hit, you have the false confession, but then, part in parcel, that false confession is the conduct of the investigating officers. Whoever represents Mr. Green is surely put the credibility of those officers at the center of the case," Wise said.

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