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Investigation Into Elk Grove School Bus Crash Continues After Woman Narrowly Escapes Injury

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — CHP released new information on a school bus crash from Wednesday afternoon in Elk Grove, where the bus crashed into several parked cars -pushing them into a home.

Officials said the driver was not under influence of alcohol or drugs, nor was he medically impaired. He drove this route routinely. They are asking for the footage from inside the bus. The crash could have injured a homeowner who happened to be home when it all happened.

Maria Tancioco was standing in her bathroom getting ready to head out when a car came crashing through her home Wednesday afternoon pushed by the school bus.

"I heard a boom and it pushed me back," Tancioco said.

This surveillance camera footage which shows the impact nearly pinning her in her bathroom.

"Luckily there was no door here or I would have been crushed," Tancioco said.

The Elk Grove Unified School District and CHP are investigating what went wrong. One student was reportedly on the bus, but there were no injuries.

The bus is equipped with seat belts and a camera system, but the footage had not been released

"We were waiting for something like this to happen with a car or bus," said Michael Torres.

Torres lives across the street. He says buses and cars speed along Lakemont Drive because it's a clear stretch of road.

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"It's a 25-mph zone and cars are traveling as fast as 80 mph. It's sick," he said shaking his head.

He says he's spoken with the city council about installing stop signs and speed bumps. Late last year the city installed speed limit signs.

"Are they going to listen now?" he asked.

He is worried about safety and now that he has young kids, he is considering moving.

"We are thinking about putting a concrete fence up like him. We shouldn't have to do that," Torres said.

Maris agreed, saying, "It would be better to have speed bumps."

The city of Elk Grove said they have not received a petition to install speed bumps on Lakemont. That's the first step in the process. They would then review eligibility, speak with Fire Dept, select installation locations, conduct a community survey where 75% majority is needed.

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