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Importance of a name as you navigate through life

Importance of a name as you navigate through life
Importance of a name as you navigate through life 01:52

The top baby names for 2022 have been revealed and that led to the question: How important is your name as you navigate through life? 

CBS13 anchor Tony Lopez found some interesting studies. 

One in five parents, according to one study, regret the name they chose for their child, and people who grow up hating their names tend to have low self-esteem. 

Baby experts call it the most important decision people make as first-time parents. 

A study done by Psychology Today found that the name we're given at birth can impact our quest for a companion, including both friends and romantic partners. 

Grade school kids with unusual names tend to be less popular and more easily bullied. 

Later in life, unpopular names lead to more rejection by potential partners. 

According to Live Science, children with an unusual spelling of a common name tended to have slowed spelling and reading capabilities. 

Experts say the decision on what to name your baby should include these two questions: 

  • What's more important - tradition or innovation?
  • How much do you want to fit in or stand out? 

Studies have also shown that people with one-syllable names, like Jake, Grace, or Zac, are perceived to have a commanding presence.

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