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Hundreds Turn Out For Gun Rights Rally In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Gun rights supporters gathered in downtown Sacramento's Capitol Park on Saturday as part of a nationwide rally.

They called it "A Day of Resistance" and say it's part of the resistance movement to preserve their right to bear arms.

"We're pro Second Amendment. "Basically, we want to have the ability to have weapons to defend us from tyranny at home," one supporter said.

More than 700 gun supporters rallied around the Vietnam Memorial. They say they support the right to bear arms and that gun control laws aren't the solution to end violence.

"Taking away guns because people misuse them is like getting rid of cars because people drive drunk," Michael Dagnino said. "The machines themselves are unbiased. It's the humans that use them."

Sacramento's rally was just one of 140 others like it across the country, many in California such Bakersfield, San Diego and Ventura County.

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