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Hundreds Flock To Raley Field For Burger Battle

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - It's hardly a rare sight at Raley Field - an event where the focus isn't on balls and strikes, but sizzle and spice.

The ballpark has hosted several non-baseball events this summer, and Tuesday night it was a burger battle that attracted a sellout crowd.

"I think definitely having it on a baseball field is what attracts a lot people. They love that atmosphere. It's something unique," Raley Field's Samantha Klasing said.

This time, it's an outdoor, finger lickin', meat-eatin' cook-off to benefit charity called the Burger Battle. A Sacramento showdown, restaurants in the raw looking for a job well done.

Rodney Blackwell organized the event and told us choosing the location was a no-brainer:

"It's got everything here. It's a beautiful location. It's perfect," he said.

And worth every penny he says, of the $10,000 it cost to hold the event here. Sponsors covered about a third of that.

At $55 a head, food fans who lined up told us the venue is part of the reason they came.

"Oh, this is a great stadium," Dave Batarschi said. "Actually being on the field makes it even better."

Speaking of better, who was the best? After all the bun fun, it was tough to pick a Burger Battle winner.

But it was easy to see who came out on top - a venue continuing to be outstanding in its field, attracting events that keep the crowds hungry for more.

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