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When the Oakland Athletics host the San Francisco Giants at the end of September, two of the former "big three" for the Athletics will be in the building.

Giants pitcher Tim Hudson is scheduled to pitch against his former team on September 26. It could be the last start of his career if San Francisco decides to let him finish his career where it began.

Earlier this week, the Athletics called up Barry Zito from Nashville. After taking last season off, Zito made a comeback this year, but spent almost the entire season in AAA.

Hudson already announced he will retire at the end of the season, and from all speculation, Zito will hang it up at the end of the season as well, so the scenario is set:

Hudson vs. Zito in both of their last starts of their respective careers.

Can you imagine the nostalgia there would be in the O.Co on that night?

There hasn't been much for Athletics fans to be excited about this year, and with the Giants recently out of the playoff race, give the fans a match-up they would love to see.

The Athletics have said they have no plans of using Zito as a starter for the rest of the season, but why the heck not?

Both teams will just be playing for the love of the game. Hudson and Zito have ties with both teams.

It would be a dream match-up for Giants, A's and baseball fans.

There's a pretty good chance that even if Zito doesn't start in the game, Bob Melvin will call for him out of the bullpen to at least make an appearance in the game.

The only thing to make Hudson vs. Zito better? Bring in the last piece of the big three, Mark Mulder, to throw out the first pitch of the game.

The Big Three combined for 275 wins for the Athletics in the early 2000s.

Hudson, Mulder and Zito were three big reasons why Moneyball became what it is today. Without those three, the A's don't make four consecutive playoff appearances and win 20 games in a row in 2002.




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