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Houseboat Burglars Eat From Fridge, Defecate In The Jacuzzi, And Leave A Shocking Clue For Police

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Kellie Hoffmann was out of town when her home was ransacked by some sloppy burglars. She came home to find the house in shambles.

The living room was upside down. The kitchen was wrecked. All the drawers open, and much of the food eaten, down to a burrito in the microwave.

The burglars ransacked the bedrooms, bathrooms, and made their way up to the patio with s'mores. They even used the Jacuzzi, not just to bathe, but to defecate in it.

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They took naps, stole the family's Christmas gifts and kayak, and took off leaving a very important clue behind.

"We were emptying the hats putting em back up and filled up pillowcases. So we got the bottom felt something wet and I pulled it out and was like, 'Oh my god. This idiot left a wallet!' The police were still here and couldn't even believe it," said Hoffmann.

Making the job a lot easier for detectives, the burglars left behind an ID, DNA, and were even caught on surveillance video that is still under review.

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