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Horse's Blood Donation Helps Save Kitten's Vision; The Two Become Unlikely Friends

LINCOLN (CBS13) — A horse in Lincoln is an unlikely hero after its blood created a vision-saving serum for a kitten.

Bravo, a 14-week-old kitten, recently came to Fieldhaven Feline Center with a destructive virus and ulcer on his left eye. He met his donor, a 1,200-pound horse named Logan Wednesday.

"He developed a corneal ulcer - a painful ulceration on the outer most layer of the eye. And he only has one eye, so we wanted to preserve that one good eye," said Dr. Heather Kennedy, a veterinarian at the feline center.

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Veterinarians believe Bravo lost his right eye to the same problem. They said they typically use a serum made from the animal's own blood to fix it, but Bravo was too small for a blood.

"Serum is one of the components of blood. We draw blood from an animal, spin it down to get serum, and we use that as an eye drop," Kennedy said.

Joy Smith, the founder of Fieldhaven Feline Center, stepped in to help, volunteering Logan to donate for the serum.

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"Horses and cats really do go together," said Smith. "...Of course, a horse has gallons of blood so we had plenty of blood. And so they took the blood, spun it down and treated the blood and treated the eye with the serum and as you can tell it's doing really well."

With Bravo on the mend, this equine and feline are proving to be quite the dynamic duo, even if they don't exactly run in the same herd.

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