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New 100-Bed Homeless Shelter To Move Into Cal Expo Parking Lot

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - In an effort to tackle the homeless issues in the city, leaders voted Tuesday to pursue plans to open a new 100-bed shelter in a parking lot at Cal Expo.

With the approval of funds, the city is looking to pop up a "Sprung Shelter," and where people can bring their pets and possessions. The shelter is on Cal Expo's property, located in the far southeast corner on Ethan and Hurley ways.

Councilman Jeff Harris says they've seen pushback on the shelter from many city neighbors including this one.

"People are fearful of homeless shelters, but I can tell you we can manage these well," Harris said.

This shelter would serve the homeless who already live in the neighborhood. It would not be walk-up, people would have to be referred to by the Sacramento Police Department impact team.

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"It's just another place to store a human, but it's a roof over their head," said Lydon Torrance.

Torrance has been experiencing homelessness for three years. He believes it's a step in the right direction, but says they need more.

"People want apartments and houses and they want to feel like they're American again and feel good about themselves," Torrance said.

The city currently operates a similar shelter on Railroad Drive in North Sacramento.

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"We found at Railroad that triage works," Harris said.

They want to assure neighbors this will too.

"We can help people and we can reduce the population on the streets. It's what we need to do to keep the city whole," Harris said.

The total estimated cost for the Ethan Way shelter for two years is $9.4 million. It will be funded through the city's Measure U and from state HEAP funds.

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