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'Said He Was Gonna Shoot Me And Kill Me': Victim Of Sacramento Home Invasion Talks About Ordeal

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A home invasion turned into a hostage situation inside a Sacramento apartment. Fortunately, someone was able to watch it unfold and notified the police.

"He bound me with ropes, put a mask over my head...said he was gonna shoot me and kill me," said.

That man survived the heart-pounding encounter and is telling the crazy story tonight.

Two men with guns broke into that man's apartment while he hosting a small group of friends. By the end of the night, a Sacramento swat team and hostage negotiators were at his house too.

"They put a bag over my head, tied me up, put me in the closet," said apartment resident Nathanial.

Nathanial said it was a real-life horror story.

"[They] told everyone to get on the ground...tied everyone up," he said.

The incident left his nerves shattered, his home trashed and holes punched in the wall. Nathanial was hosting a small group of friends when two gunmen broke into his home.

"We honestly thought it was a prank at first like someone just came in...two men...masks all black...guns," he said.

One of them barking orders.

"He was asking me, 'where's all the money?' I was like, what are you talking about?!" he said.

Nathanial's guests -- five men and two women -- were forced to the ground. He then told the gunmen the home was his.

"I did whatever they asked, took them to every room. They destroyed my whole house," he said.

What the gunmen did not know was that Nathanial had another friend at the party who joined remotely.

"He was watching a live stream with us, you know, and he seen everything happen live...and he reported it to the police," he said.

The police arrived with a SWAT team and hostage negotiators.

"And then, next thing you know, I hear police sirens and he's asking me how to get out of here," said Nathanial.

One gunman jumped out a window and the other hid in the attic. Police were able to find and arrest both gunmen, leaving Nathanial and his friends OK.

"It's a crazy experience, you know. I'm going to move on, but you know, it's just bad," he said.

Nathanial has a young daughter who thankfully was not home at the time.
Police arrested both suspects who are now facing charges including robbery, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

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