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Many Ready For Holiday Cheer As Christmas Tree Arrives Downtown

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The arrival of the Capitol Christmas tree has many in the holiday spirit, but some stores had their trees up three weeks ago.

Is it too much too soon? Many people say they are ready to deck the halls.

"It takes a long time to set up all the stores, so we can't wait until the very end to get it done," said Mark Smithers.

Smithers runs California Backyard in Roseville. They rolled in the manufactured trees and decor in mid-October.

"It brings a lot of joy and spirit to the home and to families in the area, especially when you hear the kids' joyful sounds," he said.

This year, many customers like Lorie-Ann Graves welcomed it, actually wanting to see holiday items as early as possible.

"Not too soon for Christmas. I think with everything people have been through this year from COVID to murder hornets, we are ready for some joy," she said.

If holiday cheer is the gift that keeps on giving, Tyler Pepper is rich.

"I thought I'd go all out," Pepper said.

Hoping to brighten spirits on the road, he strapped Santa and his sleigh to the top of his car, complete with LED lights and solar power. His Christmas-themed car drives kids crazy.

"Kids are just like 'oh my gosh that's amazing!' And then parents will grab their phone and put it right over the window sill and take a little video and I'll just wave," Pepper said.

But there are still those whose pumpkins will stay put.

"I will not put any Christmas decorations up until December first, even if my husband or my kids want it. I am all about team Fall. You gotta wait," one woman said.

Every holiday needs its day and it's just less stress to not stress. Stores are ready either way with more customers opting not to order online.

"I think people like to see it and fall in love with something," said Smithers.

Decking the halls early in 2020, a holiday present from the present.

"Makes you forget the world for just a teeny bit," said Graves.

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