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Hispanic Business Leaders Say 2016 Election About Much More Than Immigration

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Immigration has become one of the hot button issues just over 14 months from election day, and has a growing Latino population watching candidates closely.

Donald Trump fired things up even more recently after saying he wanted to end birthright citizenship, which means children born in the United States to illegal immigrants would not be citizens. The issue has split the GOP.

"There is no reason to repeal the 14th Amendment, because people who are willing to fight or work for this country should be able to be in this country," said Assemblyman Rocky Chavez.

It's a sentiment Democrats seem to agree with.

At the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Convention, members say they want candidates to change the topic.

"There's a lot of other issues that aren't being focused on that are equally important to the Latino community, as well as immigration," said Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Cathy Rodriguez.

The group says Hispanic voters aren't so different from any other American voter—they're concerned about jobs, education and the economy. They hope in the next 14 months, those issues become the focus.

"Different things are going to surface; different things are going to happen, so it's too soon to tell," said California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce CEO Alice Perez.

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