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High-School Rivalry Video Featuring Students Being Shot With Fake Gun Raises Concern In Atwater

ATWATER (CBS13) — A spoof about two rival high schools featuring students shot with a fake gun by a school security officer has some saying the video went too far.

Buhach Colony High School yanked the video from its website and it now apologizing.

The community is torn on the issue, with some saying school leaders shouldn't be promoting school violence, while others say it was just about getting pumped up for rivalry week with Atwater High School.

"How am I going to explain to my kids, it's not okay for you to do this, but it's okay for others do this?" said Merced Union High School District Trustee William Snyder.

The rivalry week video posted to YouTube shows Buhach Colony High administrators and staff shooting at their rivals from Atwater High.

"What was more disturbing was the school staff and the people participating in this video," he said.

And though a toy gun and sound effects were used in the making of the video, Snyder says it's in poor taste.

But when we showed others the video, their reaction was different.

"I think it was more of a joke to get us fired up," said Atwater student Francisco Gloria.

Other students and Atwater parents like Genny Mesa agreed.

"I think it's all in fun, but in light of recent events I can see how it can be taken in poor taste," she said.

Her son is a sophomore at Atwater High, and she believes the video is harmless and meant to get the community excited about the rival football game.

"I think if we just take a deep breath and enjoy it a little bit, it's all in fun," she said.

But district officials said they aren't taking it lightly and gave CBS13 this statement: "We apologize for the impact the video has had on the community and want to ensure everyone that the district does not support or endorse school violence."

The district says the issue will be addressed through the personnel office.

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