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High School Considers Banning Stephen King Book Containing Graphic Rape Scene

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Rocklin High School is considering banning a book from its library due to a graphic scene.

"Different Seasons" is a novel containing a collection of four Stephen King stories, which includes well-known stories "Shawshank Redemption" and "Stand By Me." But the graphic scene covering a page and a half in "Apt Pupil" could get the whole book banned from Rocklin school libraries.

"Basically they're judging entire book on one story," said Amanda Wong.

Rocklin High School senior Wong is outraged her high school pulled the book after a parent complained.

"I thought it was completely wrong of them to do that. I was really upset," said Wong.

The school pulled the book off its library shelves after a school committee decided a detailed description of rape in "Apt Pupil" was too much for students.

"Although I understand this parent's concerns, I wouldn't want my little brother reading this. I don't believe it's the school's right to take entire book out of library just over that," said Wong.

Wong was also on that committee, and was the only one opposed to pulling the book. She was outnumbered, but it didn't stop her from being outspoken, especially because she's the only one who read the entire thing.

"The instant you do such an action, it opens a big door up. A door where, what will we be banning next," said Wong.

She decided to take her concerns to the school board meeting where she made a plea to board members to take another look.

"It should be up to parents and students to make this decision on whether they want to read it, not the district or school," said Wong.

The book is back on shelves while a district committee looks at a possible ban.

"Whether it gets banned or not, I'm happy people know," said Wong.

The first meeting is Tuesday, and they have 30 days to make a decision.

CBS13 reached out to Stephen King about the ban.

King's agent said they stand with Amanda Wong on the issue and admire her principled and passionate plea. "We hope she and those who share her views are not disappointed."

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