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High-Profile Defense Attorney Weighs In On Baby Justice Case

WOODLAND (CBS13) – Samantha Green's Facebook pictures show the 23-year-old in happier times with her fiancé.

But detectives say they're zeroing in on her alone – a case defense attorneys will try to turn around, according to criminal attorney Bob Blasier.

Green is facing a murder charge for the death of her infant Justice Rees.

"She's going to have to try to divert that focus onto somebody else, if possible," Blasier said.

Blasier has defended high-profile names like OJ Simpson to "the Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski.

Blasier: "Everything is wide open at this point."

Reporter: "Have you seen anything like this in the past?"

Blasier: "Quite frankly, I've seen too many of it."

Blasier, who is not involved in her case, says Green's defense will try to argue she has psychiatric problems.

"First thing I would do is a psychological evaluation on her to see where she is mentally," Blasier said.

The neighbor who found Green says she was hysterical, claiming someone abducted her. He spoke to us Saturday, after Green was taken into custody.

"And that her baby was dead. I asked her, 'Dead? What do you mean dead?' She said, 'My baby froze,'" Ricardo Villasenor said.

Green's parents issued a statement Sunday, saying:

"We know in our heart that Sami would never do anything to intentionally harm her newborn son Justice."

Green's sister countered that, issuing a statement of her own. It reads, in part: "We do not support the decisions my sister has made. We fully support law enforcements efforts as well as the district attorneys efforts to ensure the truth is discovered and that justice is served for baby Justice."

Samantha is expected to be arraigned this week. She remains locked up without bail.

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