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Heroin User Testifies He Was Tired During Deadly Hit-And-Run Crash

A man accused of a deadly hit-and-run accident explained why he left his victims suffering in the street during his trial on Wednesday.

Paul Walden is accused of an accident that killed a man, injured a woman and killed four dogs.

Walden said even after the accident, he wasn't concerned about the victims, but was more concerned about not having a license and the cops arriving.

"I just wanted to get out of there," he said. "Everything was just so fast; I don't know what I did."

The self-proclaimed heroin user showed no emotion when he admitted he was driving his car in Carmichael on July 16, 2012. Officers say he struck Harison Long-Randall and his girlfriend Gemily West.

Long-Randall lost his leg, and died in the hospital two weeks after the accident.

Arguing negligence, the prosecution says Walden was driving under the influence that night, and should be convicted of murder.

But Walden insists he wasn't high that night, just sleepy.

"After driving for 12 hours, I believe I was fairly tired,"he said.

He says he fell asleep at the wheel and woke up to a loud noise.

"I heard something very loud," he said. "It was in front of me on top me and it took a while to take in my surroundings."

He saw Long-Randall on the ground.

"After I started focusing forward I saw what appeared to be a man and dog in front of me," he said.

He would continue driving, hitting something else and leaving behind a path of death and destruction. He says he was concerned about the damage to his far, and getting his fix from a woman named Wiggy.

"Ask her if there's someone in the apartment that could get me some heroin because I've gotten it there before," he said.

Walden says he later got high with some friends, and was arrested weeks later at his mom's house.

During his entire testimony, Walden never mentioned he was concerned about the victims.

He's currently being held without bail.

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