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Hart-Ransom School District Teachers Demand More Planning Time

MODESTO (CBS13) — Teachers in the Hart-Ransom School District are dealing with a distance learning curveball. On Friday, the school district released plans for the upcoming school year, which starts Monday.

The superintendent released the schedule all teachers will have to follow, but teachers are furious, calling this a "last minute" schedule for distance learning that cannot be planned with just three days' notice.

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Several teachers gathered up outside Hart-Ransom School District Superintendent Matthew Shipley's office Friday afternoon to speak with him about the schedule.  Many say the district's approach has created an overwhelming sense of anxiety on how to best serve the kids they teach.

Cbs13 obtained a copy of the letter sent to teachers Friday, which outlines 90 minutes of daily teacher-led instruction. The end of the letter reads "this information is non-negotiable."

"It's scary. And I think we should've pushed the date back because we worked all summer but we only have 3 workdays before the actual school year starts. So we came back Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and we're supposed to hand out packets for six weeks' worth of work and curriculum and all of those things Monday morning," Sara Davidson, a teacher at Hart-Ransom Elementary, said.

When we spoke with the superintendent before a special board meeting last night, he said three days was enough time for teachers to plan and would not consider pushing back the start date.

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