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Halloween Weekend And Potential COVID Domino Effect

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There are safe alternatives to celebrate this Halloween weekend. Some families are staying home creating their own fun.

"Just not going to go trick-or-treating or go out anywhere," one woman said.

Other families are choosing are still passing out candy.

"Just hang out at the house, give out big candy bars," Junior Torres said.

Despite warnings and recommendations, some people will likely attend a Halloween get-together leaving health officials concerned about the coronavirus spreading.

It's a situation that many areas dealt with following several summer holidays. So could this Halloween weekend have a potential domino effect on COVID cases? Health officials says yes, if we aren't safe.

"We know that from history, there is a potential during the holidays, people do get together to celebrate," said Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye.

Dr. Olivia Kasirye said Halloween during a pandemic may be different, but it doesn't have to be canceled.

"There are ways of doing it safely and that is what we are emphasizing to families so that we don't inadvertently end up with a spike," she added.

"We are just going to keep our distance, keep to ourselves as much as we can," Torres said.

Health officials want to remind people to wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene.

They are encouraging families to get creative this Halloween. Have a virtual costume contest, movie night with members of your household, or organize a car parade.

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