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Local Gym Takes Training Sessions Online As They Deal With Shelter-In-Place Order

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Without gym access, the coronavirus is adding extra weight to folks' lives.

But Greg Johnson, the owner of Varimax Fitness, still has a way for people to lift that load off their shoulders.

"It's been crazy and ever-changing at this point," Johnson said. "We're an in-studio facility. So obviously being shut down we've had to have our clients switch to an online format."

Johnson and his two other trainers are working with their clients one-on-one over Zoom, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger at their homes. One of those clients is Dawn Moehling.

"I about cried when I knew I couldn't go to the gym anymore. So he was first to kinda say 'You know, let me know what kind of apparatuses you have at home, give me the list and I'll make something up,'" Moehling said.

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The Varimax team is also posting workouts on their social media platforms to show people how to break a sweat at home.

"We're trying to do a lot of minimal equipment or no equipment workouts that people can just follow along and do," Johnson said.

While business has slowed for Johnson, he said the online training sessions are helping them stay financially sound while being shut down.

"My trainers actually came from Alameda — Samantha, and she's actually had past clients reconnect with her and start online training as well," Johnson said.

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The hope is that revenue will start to bulk up as more people turn to online training. Moehling said that she's even telling other friends in Wisconsin about these new sessions.

"I'm spreading the news and I think it's going to catch on pretty, pretty well," Moehling said.

"Now that people are realizing that this is going to be more long term than we were expecting, people are starting to come to the online programs. So hopefully that continues," Johnson said.

Varimax Fitness told CBS13 that it plans on hosting a foam rolling workshop on March 25 at 9 a.m. on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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