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Group Promotes Sacramento Region, Businesses Featured In Video Struggle To Stay Open

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Former Bay Area residents now working from home are already moving to the Sacramento Region. Now one local group is hoping they bring their businesses along with them.

In a newly released campaign, the Greater Sacramento Economic Council is showcasing some of Sacramento's hottest attractions and businesses. President and CEO Barry Broome says the hope is to get Bay Area businesses to move to our area.

"This is a community on the rise. Not only do we produce tremendous talent but also the talent that is moving here from the Bay Area," he explained.

Ironically at least one of the businesses being touted, Oblivion Comics and Coffee, has already closed. The store opened three years ago after winning Sacramento's Calling All Dreamers contest.

"All the more reason we have to have our foot on the gas to change our brand, change our reputation and elevate our economy. You cant help these small businesses if the large economy is failing," Broome said.

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The Crest Theater, another business featured, is turning to the community to help pay their bills after COVID closures crippled their business.

"We might not be here, some companies that you like to go to are already gone," said Crest Theater General Manager, Robert Alvis.

Alvis manages the theater that has been sitting vacant most of the year.

"So many places relied on the capitol crowd and now with everyone working remotely you can open your doors, but if there is no foot traffic and there is no-one down here you almost work backwards. You make less money than you would if you stayed closed," he said.

Alvis hopes the campaign that's focused on bringing tech companies to the area to create field offices could help businesses that are already struggling.

"The boost that a big company through jobs and revenue is going to be so important to bring us back from where we are right now," he said.

A video hoping to boost the economy now showing just how fragile the environment is for businesses already here.

"We are a resilient community and  I do believe with this infusion of dynamic talent from the Bay Area is going to be the backbone of getting those businesses back on their feet," Broome said.

The goal of the campaign is to be the next major top-tier city in the west for people to call home. The group is specifically targeting tech companies to bring more diversity and jobs to the region.

As area businesses continue to struggle, Broome explained he wants their campaign to rebrand the region and elevate the economy.

"Having people move here with income and capacity is going to stabilize our governments and allow our economy to recover more quickly. [In] 2008 we were the last economy from the western half of the United States to recover. After COVID it would be great to see us recover as a top-tiered economy with a bright future," he said.

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