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Group Collecting Healthy Food For Kids Over Holiday Break

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A local holiday food drive is helping families stay away from junk food by serving more fresh produce.

More than 40 percent of Sacramento kids struggle with obesity, and a group called Cal Food Literacy, is trying to help them.

A local group is collecting donations to keep kids healthy over their holiday breaks.

"They come from homes that lack access to this beautiful, amazing produce that were able to feed them in a school setting," said Amber Stott, founder of CA Food Literacy Program.

More than 300 kids from Capitol Heights Academy and Pacific Elementary are filling their backpacks with much more than books.

Each kid is getting about 25 pieces.

The families on the receiving end would typically have to visit food banks this time of year, but now this might save them a trip.

"We know that they love fruits and vegetables and they just don't have access to them," said.

Jennifer Barajas and her three kids made a donation.

"Because it's a great cause," said Jennifer Barajas, who donated to the program.

The Barajas family knows eating healthy isn't always the most economical.

"Healthy choices these days are outrageous compared to the junk food," she said.

But filling up these baskets a little at a time is a minimal cost for those pitching in.

"You can buy a whole bundle of bananas for a couple dollars and that will go a long way for these kids," said Stott.

During this break there will be less worry for families who can't afford to provide healthy options for their kids.

"This is critical. This is a very important service for these kids health," said Stott.

CA Food Literacy Program helps educate kids about making healthy choices.

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