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Grinches Steal Thousands In Christmas Care Packages Meant For Deployed Troops

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - About $5,000 worth of packages that were meant for the troops in Afghanistan were stolen from a Sacramento warehouse.

"There's all sorts of stuff in here," said Scott Raab, at the charity Move America Forward.

The big boxes were loaded and ready to go. Inside were some of the comforts of home like coffee, beef jerky, jelly beans, deodorant, sanitation wipes, and something for the season.

"We, of course, got this Christmas stocking," said Raab.

There were also Christmas cards, along with personalized notes from Americans saying thank you for your service.

Sometime Monday morning there were some creatures stirring as the last of the Christmas care packages were being sent out.

"We had loaded up all the care packages to be delivered for Christmas, and what happened is they actually broke the lock," said Raab.

And they broke the hearts of those at the Move America Forward.

"They just took off in a scramble," said Raab.

The thieves snagged up about two dozen boxes.

"You know it's really sad that someone would take this from the troops," said Raab.

But the organization is packed with positive thinking and vowing to "move on," and hoping the thieves move in the right direction. Postage on the packages is already paid, so they could still reach the troops.

"I really hope whoever took them won't be so much of a Grinch, and will take them down to the post office."

Assuming that didn't happen, the organization is scrambling to send out more care packages.

If you'd like to help, visit the Move America Forward website.

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