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Granite Bay High School Football Players Teaming Up To Kick Cancer


GRANITE BAY (CBS13) - Two high school football players are asking for your help to kick cancer.


As the Grizzlies took the field Friday night for their home opener, there was a lot on the line for Everett Hayes and Brennan Holt.

Their goal is to raise money with every kick.  "This year we project around 80 points for our donations," said Holt.


Sponsors have pledged cash for each point these two make with the money going to "Alex's Lemonade Stand," a charity who's mission is to promote cancer research and awareness.


The inspiration came from a speech Alex's mother gave at kicking camp.


"She said I'm not keeping the money, I'm giving it to my hospital," said Alex's mom in a documentary.


Alex had neuroblastoma and raised one million dollars selling lemonaid before she died in 2004 at only 8-years-old.


"I was just inspired by the story and about how much money she could raise at such a young age and I just thought what better way to make a difference," said Hayes.

"To have two young men do something like this, I think it's courageous on their part," said head coach Jeff Evans.


He said his players came to him with the challenge.  "As a program we are very proud, very proud of these guys," Evans added.


Alex's story won the hearts of these two young men and hopefully yours too.

There's still time to become a sponsor.


"I just hope the money goes towards them and they help find maybe even a cure, but even smaller I just hope it makes a little bit of difference in their lives and will help them out in the future," Hayes said.


So win or loose these Grizzlies hope to make a difference. "Any dollar or any amount counts," he said.

Children everywhere are now finding a way to open their own lemondade stands to support the cause.

If you'd like to help these Granite Bay kickers or even start your own stand, here's how:


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