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Buses Bring Grand Princess Cruise Passengers To Travis Air Force Base For Quarantine

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE (CBS13) — Grand Princess cruise dropped off passengers in Oakland this afternoon and some of those people have made their way to Travis Air Force Base by bus.

Two buses and one van full of passengers arrived just before 9 p.m. Most of the passengers seemed to be wearing a face mask of some kind. CBS13 was told those would be the only transports Monday night, but two more buses arrived at Travis approximately an hour later. It's not confirmed the second buses had passengers on board and we could not see into the buses, but they did arrive in a similar fashion with CHP escorts.

There were roughly 150 people, in total, on the first two buses and the van that arrived at Travis Air Force base Monday night from the Grand Princess Cruise ship docked in Oakland.

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None of the passengers who left the ship Monday have tested positive for the Coronavirus and they haven't shown any symptoms. They will all immediately begin a 14-day quarantine on base before they are allowed to go home.

CBS13 spoke with Suisun City Mayor Lori Wilson, who said she's received an approximately 48-hour heads up on every arrival so far.

"Our Travis leaders here, especially Colonel Nelson, was really sensitive to making sure that each of the mayors and the community leaders were up-to-date on what potentially could be happening, so they wouldn't be caught off guard but any news and would be able to communicate come to our residents," Wilson said.

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As for the other passengers aboard the cruise ship, if they're not from the U.S. they will be sent back to their respective home countries or, if they are U.S. Citizens but not California residents, they will be sent to a military base in either Texas or Georgia.

Anyone who tested positive onboard the ship will go to area hospitals.

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