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Gov. Newsom's new ad over abortion battle goes national

New Gov. Gavin Newsom ad goes national
New Gov. Gavin Newsom ad goes national 01:59

SACRAMENTO - A new television ad released Sunday by Gov. Gavin Newsom is part of the battle over abortion in the U.S. right now. Gov. Newsom is once again stepping onto the national stage of the abortion battle with this ad aimed at Tennessee.

The political ad, titled "Hostage," depicts a teenage girl handcuffed in a hospital bed with a woman narrating her plight.

"Trump Republicans want to criminalize young women who travel to receive the reproductive care they need," the ad says.

Gov. Newsom defended the ad campaign's messaging on "Meet the Press."

"The conditions are much more pernicious than they even appear," Newsom said. "These guys are not just restricting the rights of self-determination to bear a child for a young child, young woman, but they're also determining their fate as it relates to their future in life by saying they can't even travel."

The new ads are airing in Tennessee, where abortion is banned and a proposed law also would ban what it describes as "abortion trafficking of a minor," making it a felony for someone other than a parent to travel with a minor to another state where an abortion could legally be performed.

Sacramento-based Republican strategist Tab Berg says Newsom's ad exploits the abortion issue.

"I mean other than, I mean do I think this will be effective? No. Do I think it's way over the top? I mean a handcuffed girl, 15-year-old rape victim, I mean it's so absurd," Berg said. 

A December Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 70% of Americans said protecting abortion access in their state would be an important issue in determining their vote in November.

"Don't let them hold Tennessee women hostage," the ad says.

The ad creates a powerful image to make a political point.

It was paid for by a political action committee Newsom launched last year with $10 million of his state campaign funds. 

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