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Gov. Newsom speaks about mental health support efforts in California, particularly for seriously ill and homeless

Gov. Gavin Newsom calls out local governments for not doing enough in homeless fight
Gov. Gavin Newsom calls out local governments for not doing enough in homeless fight 02:45

REDWOOD CITY – California Gov. Gavin Newsom spoke in the Bay Area on Tuesday about how the state is trying to transform mental health support.

The governor was in Redwood City to tout a new mental health facility but he took the opportunity to call out local governments for not doing enough in the homeless fight.

"There are a number of counties, that are saying well we just need more money, and more housing before we can move with these reforms or to do anything," Newsom said.

Flanked by construction equipment symbolizing the state funding to expand this mental health center in Redwood City, money for homeless programs was at the center of Newsom's message.

"Yeah, we've made that crystal clear," Newsom said when questioned if he would cut or freeze funding for cities and counties that don't report outcomes.

Newsom's own state Interagency Council on Homelessness staff told an assembly oversight committee they didn't have data on state homeless program outcomes. 

"I will, I guess, agree with the governor from the standpoint that local governments are also not having enough transparency either," Assemblymember Josh Hoover said. 

Republican assemblymember Hoover said Tuesday that the state Interagency Office of Homeless requested $3.5 million more to be able to track homeless program outcomes.

"I think that's unacceptable and I think that's an excuse for not doing the work," Hoover said.

Even as more funding is delivered, the political messaging on homeless money shows what the dollars are doing. So far no one seems satisfied. 

"We heard you, the public wants accountability not interest in how much money we're spending, I'm not either. I want to know what we are resolving to get done," Newsom said. 

Gov. Newsom also announced a new website,, which will serve as a one-stop source for people in need of mental health support in the state.

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