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Google Search Of Dinosaur Extinction Says They Are Used 'To Indoctrinate Children' By Evolutionists

Mountain View, Calif. (CBS SACRAMENTO) -- What happened to the dinosaurs? Asking Google that question will give you the top answer from a religious website which says the dinosaurs are primarily used as an indoctrination tool by "evolutionists."

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Search queries for similar topics such as "why did the dinosaurs die" provide a more scientifically rooted answer, but asking Google "what really happened" to them provides a response from a Christian website – -- that roots the dinosaurs in Biblical creationism.

The website says the demise of the dinosaurs was not related to a cataclysmic asteroid striking the Earth 65 million years ago, as is widely agreed in the scientific community. Instead, the dinosaurs met their end because they couldn't handle the world's environment after the great Old Testament flood.

The prominently highlighted Google passage from its pullout result reads, "The Bible gives us a framework for explaining dinosaurs in terms of thousands of years of history, including the mystery of when they lived and what happened to them. Dinosaurs are used more than almost anything else to indoctrinate children and adults in the idea of millions of years of earth history."

The Answers in Genesis website additionally details how the dinosaurs were created by God on the sixth day described in the Bible – meaning the dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans.

The Biblical-based version of the dinosaurs history and demise has been the top result on Google searches for several days. Motherboard muses that SEO manipulation by the Genesis-based website or a "rumored modification" from Google's algorithm may have pushed the creationism response to the top.

That particular Google search query has been removed.

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