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Going For The Goal: Sacramento Makes Noise At MLS Cup

CARSON (CBS13) – In L.A. where image is everything, Sacramento put on quite a show.

With no team in this Major League Soccer Championship cup, Sacramento's minor league Republic FC fans traveled to Carson to show their passion to become part of this scene.

"We're showing them were serious about getting an MLS team and we can support one," said Republic FC fan Frank Ayers.

"Coming here and making this statement 'We want I one a part of MLS,' I [wouldn't] miss this opportunity for anything," said fan Meghan Kauffman.

As the major league stars hit the field at Stub Hub Center, Republic FC founder Warren Smith and lead investor Kevin Nagle hit the corporate suites.

"I would say this much and I think Warren would agree: Sacramento, we've been treated with superb class," Nagle said about the vibe he's getting.

MLS will announce its expansion plans in a matter of months. Minneapolis and Las Vegas are also in the hunt.

Grant Wahl writes about soccer for Sports Illustrated.

"Some of those big crowds put Sacramento on the map," Wahl said about the national talk on Sacramento.

Sacramento, one of the conversations at this MLS championship – without even suiting up a team.

MLS has asked Sacramento and other cities seeking an expansion team for more details about their bids. The commissioner said he expected a final decision on the leagues expansion plans within six months.

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