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Sacramento Photo Booth Company Captures Holiday Cheer, One Selfie At A Time

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The owners of Giggle and Riot Funhouse in Downtown Sacramento have certainly felt the weight of the pandemic.

After losing many events for their photo booths and adjusting to virtual options, the company spent the last seven weeks coming up with and developing a new alternative: a selfie experience.

"We have over 100 photo booth backdrops and so we decided, 'Let's do something with it. Let's put it out to the community,'" Caroline Winata, Co-Founder of Giggle and Riot Funhouse, said.

"Just the way things are people are stuck at home," Josh Daniels, CEO of Giggle and Riot Funhouse, said. "They're bored. They want something fun to do. They want something creative to do."

It's being captured in their photo booth company's 11,000 square feet warehouse. As of Thursday, those looking to snap a couple of selfies on 16 sets, some of which are Christmas themed, can reserve a time slot on their website.

Giggle and Riot's owners told CBS13 their business falls under the retail portion of the state and local COVID-19 guidelines and will operate at only 20 percent capacity, if not lower.

Everyone attending must wear a mask inside until you are taking a photo. There are also designated entry and exit points for their selfie sets.

Each group of a maximum of six people, preferably from a single household, will be allowed inside in intervals of 20 minutes. That way Giggle and Riot can ensure social distancing and properly sanitize each set.

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"I think throughout this pandemic what has really become evident is how important family is. And how nice it is to create those memories and family members around you," Winata said. "So, family pictures have become even more so important."

A few selfies are that important to families as they continue to navigate the pandemic and whatever comes next.

"It's really nice to get out and find something safe to do where, you know, the kids can have fun. And we can get into the holiday spirit," Stephanie Teague, who visited the selfie experience, said.

Her children Liliana and Charlie had a blast taking plenty of photos.

"It was really cool like having different scenes to act out and tons of different poses I could do," Liliana Teague said. "And, of course, it was amazing to get out of the house!"

Winata and Daniels hope that this new creative experience can bring some cheer this holiday season and create new memories during a tough time.

"It puts you in a really good mood. And, it's really nice for me to see families enjoying themselves; creating that laughter and that memory after all of this time," Winata said.

If you're interested in reserving a time slot, you can go to the Giggle and Riot Funhouse website:

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