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Getting Answers: Is West Sacramento's Target banning teens?

Is West Sacramento's Target banning teens?
Is West Sacramento's Target banning teens? 02:51

WEST SACRAMENTO — A West Sacramento Target is the subject of controversy after talk of a policy banning teenagers was floated to the public. Though, it's a policy that the retail giant says is not in effect.

It was a confusing day indeed in the city's Southport area. There was talk of a policy to keep unaccompanied minors out of the store from the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but by 3:30 p.m., Target told CBS13 that the truth was something different.

Trudy Medina has noticed a change in her local Target.

"Lately, I've avoided a lot of time being here because there are some bad apples — kids that run around and push into things," she said. "It's better not to come at certain times for myself."

Complaints over minors in the store have been a consistent theme for many.

"I think there's a lot more good kids and the good kids' parents," Medina said. "I would've wanted my kids to come freely into Target because I have good kids, but those bad apples ruin it for even the good kids."

But there is some confusion. Target told CBS13 in a statement that this policy is not in place at the West Sacramento store at this time.

But if they ever decided to implement it, would it be possible?

"They can do it. Of course, they can," said Jeff Kravitz of the law firm Kravits & Chan. "All sorts of businesses can restrict minors from entering their premises."

Kravitz said that minors aren't a protected class and a policy wouldn't discriminate.

"Protected classes, generally speaking, under the law are groups of people for whom when you hear about discrimination against them or law that affects them, your mind can't think of a rational reason as to why such a law exists," he said.

Back in Southport, Medina hopes that all kids don't have to be punished for the actions of a few.

"I think it may get a lot of people's attention. Find out where your kids are," she said. But like I said, the majority of the kids are good kids but there's bad apples, and those few are the same few."

Despite the policy not being in place at this time, many people did express concern with issues they've had in this Target, especially as the school year has restarted.

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