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'I Need To Get Him Home': Man Desperate After Van Stolen With Dog Inside In East Sacramento

EAST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A confusing and frantic scene unfolded outside the Pet Department Store on J Street in East Sacramento on Thursday morning.

Jack Olaski said he went into the store and came back out to find his 1996 Honda Odyssey gone with his dog Momo inside.

"Why didn't they just let the dog out? Or, take it to a fire station?" Olaski said. "It's just rude, seriously rude."

There aren't enough pictures or videos to highlight the love between a man and his dog. For Olaski, his dog Momo means the world to him.

"He's part of that life experience that you're doing whatever it is, whether it's coming in here to get a ball," he said.

Olaski is now on a mission to find Momo and he's desperate to get him back quickly. Momo is 12 years old.  He's an old Jack Russell Terrier that needs special care.

"He has like a bladder or a kidney problem and he needs to drink lots of water and I don't think he's getting that. So I need to get him back within the next day," Olaski said.

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Olaski's silver van had a license plate reading 4EAJ557 and Momo was wearing a red harness.

"Our customers become our family. It breaks our heart that Momo's out there looking for dad and it breaks our heart that Jack is without his best friend," said Pet Department Store employee Mary Doll.

Doll posted Momo's story on Facebook and several other platforms hoping someone will come forward.

"That's messed up. That's his baby you know? That's his baby. Somebody better bring him back. That's just cruel," said customer Debbie Aderholt.

Timing is everything as Olaski hopes someone comes forward with information now that his only roommate and his best friend is suddenly gone.

"I need to get him home. So how about giving me a break and getting me my dog back?" he said.

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